Terminating completed file downloads

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Files downloaded from websites through Brave to my Nokia 5.3 under Android 12 do not terminate when completed. Each download must be terminated manually through the phone notifications bar. This is very annoying when there are muliple downloads in a session. Brave version is 1.66.120.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Mobile Device details
Nokia 5.3 (Model TA-1234)
Android 12
Baseband version
Kernel version
#1 Fri Jun 9 15:03:49 CST 2023
Build number

Additional Information:
Download destination is internal Android Downloads folder.
Problem persists whether or not download onscreen progress notification is enabled in Brave settings.
This problem does not occur in, for instance, DuckDuckGo.

Problem resolved in Brave version 1.67.119