Background downloads not working on Brave mobile for Android

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Description of the issue:
Downloads do not continue in the background if I leave Brave for a different app, whether by tapping the home button, or the recent apps button. Downloads just pause, or switch to “pending” automatically, and I can only sometimes resume them by pausing and restarting.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open Brave mobile browser on Android

  2. Go to a page with downloadable content/files that aren’t downloaded instantaneously, so, bigger than 50 or so megabytes. Ideally at least 1gb.

  3. Start the download of the file you’ve chosen.

  4. Verify download has started, and is proceeding by checking the “downloads” page from the three dot menu.

  5. Exit the “downloads” page (or don’t, either way the result is the same) do not “exit” Brave via the three dot menu!

  6. Tap the home button, and open a different app.

  7. (Maybe, but not necessarily required) leave that app and open another.

  8. Go to the recent apps button to open Brave, or open Brave by tapping the app icon (either way, doesn’t matter).

  9. Open the “downloads” page via the three dot menu.

Expected result:
The download you started has paused, or switched to “pending”.

Brave Version:

Mobile Device details
Samsung Galaxy S10
Android version 11
One UI version 3.1

Additional Information:
This is a relatively recent development. I only noticed it within the last few weeks, probably just two. But I updated Brave…three times? In that period. The second update is where I noticed the problem.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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