Tengo este problemita si alguien me ayuda se lo agradezco

Error: Cuenta de Uphold con funcionalidades limitadas

Según Uphold, tu cuenta de Uphold presenta algunas limitaciones en este momento. Inicia sesión en Uphold y comprueba si tienes algún aviso o requisito de cuenta pendiente. Después, inténtalo de nuevo. Por ejemplo, es posible que Uphold necesite que le envíes más información.

You need to contact Uphold then. You have extra verification to do. One example of something that another User discovered, which may be helpful to you, is seen at topic below:

But if that doesn’t work, find out from support@uphold.com or Uphold Support Ticket if they can advise if you have anything else that would need to be done to have full access.

I have the same issue but what the other guy says i didnt made any important or critical change on my account expl. it has happen from one day to another that Brave rewards told me that my Uphold account has limitations…

i contacted already Both of support team (Brave and Uphold) i will put my next experiencie here too. for helping others with the same issue.

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