Conta reward não está mais restrita e aindas assim não consigo fazer a transferência da Brave

Carteira Uphold está 100% e quando eu peço pra fazer a conexão, a carteira conecta por parte da uphold mas na brave diz que a carteira está com limitasções.

Please follow steps at

It doesnt work like that. When I try to trade, they don’t ask to identify myself

Well, then probably raise a ticket with Uphold at

Iguess its a Brave’s problem, because I cant transfer my BATS but in Uphol it seems its already connected

No. It’s a Uphold problem only. It shows a generic connected apps. Even if you aren’t connected to Brave it will show connected cause you authorised Brave to connect to Uphold.

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Trading and receiving rewards are completely different things. And they are also taxed differently.
Your best option is to contact Uphold support to know what is exactly missing in your account.

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