Telegram "official" Brave Browser Chat

Hi to everyone. I’ve found a group in Telegram with almost 100 users, on the description says that is the official Brave Browser chat group, some users are asking if that is true, and an angry user is just spamming insults to everyone who joins, there are 2 bots and no one is moderating.

The creator is from Asia I guess, is this group the official one?

Also, if its official why is no one moderating?

I can help by managing a group like that, I also know spanish for some who don’t speak english.

Here is the link:

@Demo not official. cc @Mattches in case there’s anything that can be done.

Brave have no telegram group, but BAT have one here


I don’t this is official.
I’ll reach out to make sure but if a mod is is insulting you then its probably not us – we’re friendly! :slight_smile:


No, a normal user joined and no one kicked or banned, or silenced him.
But its ok since the “mods” are just bots and they just say hi when you join the group.

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