Brave Community Discord

Brave Community Admins,

Any thoughts on having a Discord set up for the community?

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Or slack.
But off the top of my head, what would they really do with it? It offers more time and complexity to deal with, for what gain ?

There is already discord server running on for a while. I believe it is called BAT brigade or something like that. You can find more info about it on Luke Mulks twitter account or on brave browser subreddit.

The whole discord room is between official and unofficial limbo. Brave team members are also on the room.

right on… im in… thanks for the info.

@tonymend1980 yeah, it’s an unofficial Discord but it’s been going a while. I joined it the other day to test it out and is legit, even had staff here announce it before (on Japan side anyway). They aren’t as active in their giveaways and all as they used to but they are pretty sociable and helpful. Discord invite link is below.

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