Many more instances of Brave Browser in Windows Task Manager than tabs open

Since a recent update to Brave on Windows desktop, currently using v1.46.134 (but this has been going on for about a month), I have noticed excessive cooler usage. On checking Task Manager, with 4 tabs open, there are 24 - 30 instances running, using ~6% of memory.

With one tab open (this page), Task Manager shows 19 - 22 instances running.

This can’t be right, can it?

extensions will also show as separate background process

Well, I definitely don’t have that many extensions.

share screenshot of brave’s task manager (Shift + Esc)

@gjlite Yes, it will be. It’s not actually “instances of Brave” but it’s all the little bits of Brave that process. While you have your browser open, if you hit Shift and Escape together, it will open Brave’s Task Manager. In that, you’ll see everything that is running in it. Like when I just opened to show you, you can see:

If you’d like, you can read more about why Chromium browser do this in general. This site referenced Chrome, but it’s the same reasoning why it will happen in Brave, Vivaldi, Edge, etc.

Yes, I am sort of aware of this, yet it doesn’t explain the difference between the overheating brave has recently caused to it’s earlier versions.

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