Group tabs losing form and transforming into individual tabs

Sometimes when Brave browser restarts, massive number of group tabs get thrown out of the multi-tabs they are contained within and transform into their individual single tabs. I’ve reported this issue over a month back and just three days ago but it still hasnt been solved despite the devs being informed. Hopefully, they actually will and so that it happens, im mentioning this which ive reported to Mattches several times.

The problems this issue creates are a alot of time needed for…

To scroll the browser for finding the specific tabs for the approriate moment

Later switching to another tab

This turns the browser into a disorganized mess.

Re-organizing doesnt help as the tabs can potentially face the same problem again. So the cycle continues.

The solution i’m proposing the solution for this is

  1. Restore the groups tabs that made a certain multi-tab to their state along with the sequence they were in. For example


Group tabs- 1,2,3,4 = Multi tab A

Group tabs- a,b,c,d = Multi tab B

[Not this sequence below

Group tabs- 1,2,(a,b of B)= Incorrect Multi tab A

Group tabs- 3,4,(c,d of B)= Incorrect Multi tab B]

To reiterate, this is correct sequence:

Group tabs- 1,2,3,4 = Multi tab A

Group tabs- a,b,c,d = Multi tab B

  1. Erase this problem permanently so that it never happens again

Lastly, kindly respond to me on this matter and relay it to the developers and please show evidence such as a response from the developers they are working on it. You can keep their identities confidential by blurring it. I’m not asking for that. I just want surety that it will be solved. Please understand, i have been facing this issue repeatedly despite reporting so i would like solid eviden

Including a later response to show they have solved it
Im repeating this once again: Im saying this because i like this browser alot. I do not want to leave it. The reason why i dowloaded this Browser because i was facing the same problem with Chrome. I thought i wouldnt with this browser. Please show concern and hopefully i wont be disappointed.

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