Tabs in light mode illegible

Description of the issue:
In Light Mode, tab description is black on very dark gray background, hence very hard to read.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Get into Light Mode
    2.Make sure there are at least two tabs.

Expected result:
Dark text, light background.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 0.70.122 Chromium: 78.0.3904.87 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information:
Mac Version 10.13.6 (17G9016)

I’ve reported the same re the Incognito window (specifically that) on a Mac.

The white text is very pale against the black background, except in the case of the tab with focus.

The ‘x’ (to ‘close’ the tab) is often almost invisible. Because of that I’ve gotten used to right-clicking on a tab to close it.

Many tab icons are also difficult to make out. Brave’s are good, as are Twitter’s. But the other 6 tabs I have open in the window I’m composing this in aren’t good.

@mk7z @Olegario,
Can you both share some screen shots of how the tabs appear on your end?

Thanks. I did that before (back a few months, with screenshots) and was just looking to try to find the message thread.

I recall that a Brave staff member (@steeven, I’m pretty sure) said he was going to present the issue to the devs.

(Do a user’s posts remain here somewhere indefinitely – i.e., all of them – or do they disappear after a certain period of time has passed?)

Here’s the post I was referring to:

I thought I had posted about this at some point with more screenshots but at the moment I can’t find anything else.

Looking at the current URL line (as I write this) & how it actually appears I can say that the example in the post linked above (i.e., the screenshot) is generous in how it displays the faded-looking text. It’s actually so dim that it’s hard to make it out.

I’ll try it again here with a new screenshot:


Nah. It’s much clearer in the screenshot that it actually appears at the top of the screen.

To be more precise:

In the screenshot, text (including the faded text) is not only brighter than it appears in the URL line but there’s also more ‘contrast’ of the two brightness levels of the text (i.e., bright in the ‘domain’ part of the URL, faded in the rest of it).

In the screenshot, the appearance of the faded text isn’t great but it’s readily discernible. But in the URL field the lighter text is quite indistinct.

Screen shot with “Brave colors” set to Light, then another, set to Dark.

In your first image where you have the browser theme set to Light, it looks like part of the browser is not applying the appropriate color. Your light theme should look like this:

If you try switching from Light to Dark or Same as OS – then back to Light again, do the browser colors display as intended?

Still experiencing this problem, in this case in the URL line (not the tab labels).


Even as faint as the text that appears here is, comparing what the screenshot displays to what I see above it in the URL line, the text starting with “shakespeare” in the screenshot is noticeably brighter than it actually is in the URL line.

When I try to place the mouse pointer somewhere in the URL line (to edit it, etc.) I have to get very close to the screen because otherwise I can’t see where to click.


@mattches Here is another example:

Of the tabs shown, which would you guess was the one with focus?

HINT: It’s not the one that’s the brightest.

The correct answer is: the tab on the far right.

This is probably the most significant disadvantage of the tab bar/URL line brightness issues (in a Private window), because if you have many tabs open you end up scanning the tab bar trying to figure out which tab is the one you’re actually currently in (that maybe you want to close, etc.)


I’m very confused:

Apologies, but the far right tab both the brightest and the one in focus from what I can see:

Perhaps I’m misinterpreting?

@mattches As I look at your screenshot, the far right tab does not appear to be the brightest to my eyes.

The three to the left of it appear brighter, with approximately the same brightness levels.

Moreover, as mentioned in my earlier post, the screenshot I sent improved the appearance of the text in the URL line relative to how it actually looked (dimmer).

I guess all I can say is that I would not be squinting and scanning the URL line for tabs if the brightness and contrast were ‘normal.’

However, if you’ve checked this on a Mac (preferably using Mojave OS) and the issue hasn’t been mentioned by any other Mac user, I guess I’ll just have to bite the bullet and keep squinting and scanning.


One thing that may help you:
If you go to brave://flags and enable the #tab-groups flag, you can split your tabs into different (colored) groups, like so

Right-click on a tab to add it to a group (or existing group), then click on the group color to edit:

This should help you differentiate between tabs when using the browser.

@mattches Thanks. A useful option but the problem I’m having is indistinct text (in the tab ‘labels’) at the screen brightness level I normally use. The tab groups & their colors don’t address that, and in fact they have the same issue, except for the tab with current focus.

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