Darkness of the Dev screen – it's a problem

The degree of darkness of the Dev screen continues to be a problem. The main issue is that the contrast between the very dark black of the screen and the fairly dim rendering of the lettering makes text hard to see.

In particular, when typeahead suggestions dropdown from text as it’s entered in the URL line, I can’t even see which suggestion is ‘selected’ as I arrow down.

As I look at the text in the URL line right now, what’s in the URL line is much brighter than the text identifying the currently-open tabs, which is about as dim as it could be and still be readable.

If possible, please do something about this. Thanks.

After posting the above: The current text displayed in the URL line has two segments. “community.brave.com” is bright. The rest of the URL ("/t/darkness-of-the-dev-screen-its-a-problem/73013") is very dim, like the text identifying the currently-open tabs (but even lighter).


Hi @mk7z,

Thanks for your post and for the feedback! I will pass this along to folks on the team.


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This continues to be a significant problem.

When I am trying to ‘locate’ at a particular point in text in the URL line (i.e., with L/R arrow keys or mouse), the location marker is so indistinct as to be barely visible.

I am used to working in ‘dark screen’ and have not had this kind of problem with other such displays.

The combination of the dimness of the text and the very dark version (hue ?) of dark used in BRAVE DEV (at least as it appears on a MacBook running OS Mojave) is what causes this issue.

Anything the can be done about it will be appreciated.

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