MacOS Mojave All my tabs suddenly changed from light gray to dark charcoal gray

First time posting here. I use a MacBook Pro new in May 2019 with the latest Mojave, haven’t installed Catalina yet. Both Brave and Chrome are up to date. I have never changed any of the Appearance settings in either Brave or Chrome. Suddenly this morning all my tabs in both Brave and Chrome changed from light gray with black type to a dark charcoal gray with black type. See screenshot. It is virtually impossible to read the tabs. I tried resetting Brave and clicking the Restore Default on the Chrome Theme setting. Nothing has changed. All my other programs are fine and have not changed, just Brave and Chrome. I am in Light Mode on Apple Preferences as I I don’t like or use Dark mode. Interestingly, when I open Apple Preferences the tabs get lighter but still not as light as it used to be. As soon as I close Preferences, it goes dark again. See screenshot. Thanks and any help will be appreciated.

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