Tab bar design and height, current tab, icons

After latest update to v1.62.156
I found that the tab bar is taller, tabs have more padding, and the design for selected tab has changed.

Is there a way to effect any of these? I couldnt find it anywhere in the settings… and the release notes even state Decreased URL bar height to 32px. (#35506)

thank you

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There are no settings to control this. Were you wanted a more compact UI? It’s definitely something we can record in an issue as a feature request for future consideration.


Thirded, this change produces significant visual discomfort and wastes valuable screen space. At least add a setting to customize

Fourthed. First thing I noticed when I opened Brave today. One thing I like about Brave is the shorter tab bar. It didn’t waste space like Chrome’s or Firefox’s. It’s now the same height as Firefox, and taller than Chrome’s.

Just signed up as well to complain about the new bubble design.
I reverted back to the older much better desing via:

Worst decision you can make is to start using more space all of a sudden.
Also please - for the love of everything that is holy - make this change optional if you continue down this (awful) path.


Please do. Funny how this wasn’t in an issue before making the change in the first place …

There’s isn’t much a benefit here.

:crown: how did you find this??

it’s always worth looking into brave://flags , so i just decided to have a look if they added a flag there. And luckely they did :laughing:

Just registered to thank you for this! Maybe it’s a good idea to get that option offered automatically after an update. Like ‘we’ve got something new for you, click here if you don’t like it’.


Thanks, haven’t need to be in the forum in months but came just for this!

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I’m glad there’s a flag to disable this. Previous to this change the tabs selection area reached to the top of the screen, so the mouse can just be slid along the top of the screen to the correct tab. With this change, there’s several pixel-wide dead area along the top of the screen, and clicking on tabs is such a pain as I have to slide along to the tab then move my mouse down again a few more pixels to find the clickable area. This is a horrible user experience, especially for anyone used to how it worked previously (and how it works in every other browser).

Edit: The dead area seems to not be along the whole width of the tab, the middle of each tab extends to the top of the screen, but the curved corners result in dead areas in the top corners of each tab.

Thank you so much! As I had restart my computer today, Brave updated and I found the the new look of the tab row dreadfully and uselessly large. It’s funny how it’s always the little things that bother me most. All praise to you, man!

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