Syncing broken again (Still)

Why is Brave sync broken again, it just feels like from the very beginning that it’s never worked, even before this current issue, I had entire files missing, can we please actually get an ETA of when this will be fixed as this feels like it should be at the greatest of priorities, as while I understand brave is the newest browser out their, it seems very annoying and upsetting that such an important feature is not only missing but broken, can you please give us a fix soon or at least give us a substitute for thee time being or will I have to be forced to find another browser as a backup??

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These are a list of all the known bugs associated with the Sync.

Ya, the sync wasn’t working since the time Brave was released. How much more time to fix it? Its the only reason I haven’t completely switched to Brave. No sync is a DEAL BREAKER.

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Sync is in priority. The team is working on it. Thanks for your patience.