Syncing Bookmarks to Samsung Widget

So I’ve gotten Sync 2 working across 3 android/windows devices. One being a Samsung S9+. All on Brave 1.12.

On the home screen for the S9+, there have been two options in the widgets menu for brave (a bookmarks explorer and a search bar). When i synced it to my other devices, which have the bookmarks that i want to sync to the widget, it successfully imported over another bookmarks folder “Bookmarks” that has everything in it.

Where it goes wrong is that despite that new folder showing up in the Brave app, the bookmark explorer widget only shows the “Mobile Bookmarks” folder.

So in the app, the master bookmark folder has two folders: Mobile Bookmarks (old) and the newly synced Bookmarks folder. But in the homepage widget, that same master folder only shows the Mobile Bookmarks folder. I’ve restarted the device after syncing to no success. Any ideas?

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