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The Android bookmark widget does not show synchronized desktop bookmarks, even though they are displayed in the android application.

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Hello @MarGran, thank you for bringing this to our attention. What brave version are you using? Have you updated to the latest one? Could you please share a screenshot so we can have a better idea. Thanks in advance.

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30. marrask. 2022, 18.48, Jorge Rodriguez Calderon via Brave Community <[email protected]> kirjoitti:

Hello again @MarGran, I see, have you tried removing the widget from the home screen and then adding it again, might be needs to be added again to be updated.

Otherwise you can try to copy your bookmarks from that folder to the mobile one to see if in that way they show up.

However, chances are that since there are many bookmarks the widget will not displayed all of them. Let us know if this helps. Regards.

Widget and application reinstalled, and Brave beta version tested.
The same problem still persists.
In addition, the widget sometimes freezes and I have given feedback to chrome about it.

I think the core of the problem may be hidden in how that synchronization is implemented. Is it possibly implemented with tunneling, which the widget’s code can’t read?

pe 2. jouluk. 2022 klo 23.05 Jorge Rodriguez Calderon via Brave Community ([email protected]) kirjoitti:

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It’s been a few months and still no response on this issue? The topic has been repeated for many years (I saw entries on this topic from 2019). Is it really that hard to fix this glitch or do you just prefer users to switch to chrome browser where this widget and synchronization works fine and makes life easier for all its users.

Same for me. It is a 3x3 widget. When Icreate a same widget from Chrome, it shows “Mobile bookmarks”, “Bookmarks bar” and “Other bookmarks”, but when I create a widget from Brave, it only shows “Mobile bookmarks”.
I hope this will be recognized as a bug and resolved…

I am having the same issue.

Same here. Just switched to Brave on Desktop form Chrome, installed on Android, synced, and added the Widget.

I think that this was first reported in 2018, included in this bug report.

FYI, I cloned the Git repo to see where the “root” for the bookmarks widget is set, but honestly, there’s just way too much code for casual hacking. However, if someone on the Brave team will point me the the code module(s) that determine where the widget gets the bookmarks from I would be happy to take a look.

I should point out, that this also makes the widget useless since you can’t see your desktop bookmarks when you’re synced.

May 2024 still the same issue. Every time I want to switch from Chrome and make brave browser my default for everything this one thing just ruins it why is it taking years to fix something that Google Chrome has.