Sync setup between desktop and mobile devices

Prior search results on Sync problems were outdated and closed. They also indicated problems with Syncing. This post is to perhaps update a new user, like myself, on how to Sync Bookmarks when switching over to Brave from Chrome.
I created a sync chain on my Samsung S10 cell phone as the Sync option did not appear on my desktop version. Then added my Samsung Galaxy Tab device. But no bookmarks could be added at this point.
My desktop Brave did not have Sync in the Settings menu until I discovered that Sync is turned off by default (too much searching involved to find that answer).
Resolution: simply go to brave://flags and search for Sync It is down at the bottom of the search results for some reason. Follow instructions to Enable Sync on your desktop. Then I simply joined my desktop to the sync chain (via my cell phone where the chain started). All my Chrome bookmarks arrived at all devices and synced clear and without error. I thinned the herd as some bookmarks were outdated and the other devices updated immediately.
If you are starting from scratch, it is probably better to start the sync chain from your desktop and then add your mobile devices.
I did not do it that way because I was stuck without Sync on my desktop until I discovered I had to enable it.
Hope this helps other new users.

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I would not suggest that. It may crash the browser. It’s disabled by default because of that issue.

Sync v2 is in the works and will re-enable Sync. Coming soon.

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The main purpose of the sync was to get my 100’s of bookmarks shared to the mobile browser.

Now that I have done that, if I have to disable sync on the desktop to prevent crashing, all I will be giving up is the sync.

How long before v2 is released?

Is the mobile sync still OK to use?