Sync rewards on more than one computer

Hello, I’m installing Brave on a second computer, I did the synchronization, but I can’t synchronize the rewards. How can I synchronize the rewards on both computers?


You can’t. Each installation creates its own Rewards wallet with a unique wallet id. If you verify your Rewards with a custodial provider, you can have all the BAT earned from Rewards on your various devices deposited into that one custodial account.


Short answer is sync does not work on Brave rewards. It is something they are working on for the future but I don’t exist now. If you are ever changing devices there’s an unofficial way to handle it now which is in the link below. Otherwise when you connect to Gemini or Uphold with your devices they will all go to the same wallet. But that’s about it

Check out ‘ I'm getting a new device, how do I backup my BAT/information? OR I need to reinstall, how do I save my BAT/information? at


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