Sync not working syncing

In Brave Settings / Sync on my iphone, I can see my iphone listed as a device. When I open brave I have none of my bookmarks that are on my MacBook. Please advise. I have posted on this issue before with no resolution … putting me off Brave!


There’s another post about similar topic.


I have four installations of Brave Browser, all configured in the same chain (probably about 6 months ago) to synchronise, but they have never synchronised.


Same here. Never did synch for iPhone or iPad.


I hope they fix it quick. This browser is making me want to swap back to chrome real quick… or even firefox. I need sync damn it!


Bookmark synchronization between multiple devices is a top three primary reason I started using Brave on my laptop and Android phones. Unfortunately, Brave bookmark sync for PC/Mac has not worked since I started using Brave. I previously posted in a similar topic and included a screenshot showing how Sync was grayed out on the Brave browser menu.

While using my laptop I have been checking the browser menu many times a day to see if Sync was working again. Today I noticed Sync has been completely removed from the browser menu and Settings page, this is more disappointing than seeing Sync grayed out. Hopefully they get bookmark sync working soon or I’ll continue looking at other browsers.

14 June 2020: Mentioned below is to search “sync” at brave://flags this leads to many results. After searching sync scroll the results to find “Enable Brave Sync” or search “brave sync” to easily find the correct sync option to enable. After enabling sync for my pc in Flags, click Relaunch Brave and Sync appeared on the Brave Settings menu.

(Because I started using Brave early in 2020 after sync was disabled I had never synchronized Brave on my pc with Brave on my Android phone.) I created the sync chain with my pc and Android phone, could not find an option to start sync for Brave on my phone. Closed Brave app on my Android phone, opened the Brave app again and all the Bookmarks are synchronized! THIS IS AWESOME!!

Because there have been problems with sync, which led to sync being disabled, I created a backup file of my bookmarks on my pc so if the bookmarks are partially or completely erased I can easily reload them from the backup.

Windows Home 10 x64

Brave version: 1.9.80


When will this be fixed?
I went all in with Brave, on my desktop, my Android phone, my Surface Pro, and two laptops.
With sync not working, it’s forcing me to go back to Google Chrome. I don’t want to do that.
Help please.



Im done with Brave … I have been so patient with this sync issue and have not received any indication that Brave is working on it …

Calm down. How old is the browser? There are still some issues. You can not compare it with Google or Firefox. Give it some time. They do not have unlimited resources like the big players.


Same here.

Please, is there an estimated delivery time for that fix?

Kudos to you :wink:

You can re-enable it at brave://flags at risk of your browser crashing and probably having to reinstall.

Thanks @jonastio! I’m goin’ to give it a try.

@MiMa … read my message … I first pointed out this issue months ago … with no helpful response from Brave - the post was closed after a predetermined period (based on the time they give themselves to resolve a request)
And I feel I have been patient (as mentioned) I am simply letting Brave know that I am moving back to a Browser that has this functionality for now. I’m sure the good folk at Brave appreciate knowing where their users stand, That it.
Also in my experience telling someone to calm down never has the required effect … wondering if you are you feeling calm ? :slight_smile:

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Yes most of the time I feel like that.
If not…I am waiting for someone who tells me calm down. And latest then…I feel calm :wink:

Medman have an amazing week and hopefully you will come back and some point.

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I got it working finally.

Make a backup of your bookmarks, and the Brave settings (on mac /Applications/Brave Software)

Then go to brave://flags, enable sync, and relaunch. If it crashes and can’t launch, remove brave and Brave Software folder in Applications and reinstall.

Then enable sync on the new install, and set it all back up again.

I was pretty frustrated, but happy it is back to normal now.


This also works on Linux without any problems or re-installing. Cheers.

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This is a show stopper for me unfortunately. I need to be able to get bookmarks on multiple computers as I move from office to office. I hope you eventually get it fixed but in my experience, browser coders seem to think taking years to fix problems is acceptable.

I’ll check back next year and see how things are going…

Holding my breath,

I’m just chiming in here hoping that it adds a little more weight to the case for Brave engineers to get the Sync up and running. I really like this browser, and on my devices too (where I can live with a Favourites Tab page instead of a Favourites Menu Bar), but the lack of syncing is a serious issue.