Sync help please

Description of the issue:

  • Need help syncing please - my laptop was replaced - the mother board reset - I did not download any data - is there a way to sign in?
    Also - my phone has brave with a weeks history only - when i go to sync it - it says add.a computer and the passwords - but there is nota place to add on my laptop - it only wants me to add another device - they both essentially want me to add devices - instead of syncing them - kindly help
    Lastly, i promise - all my rewards from the last year on brave are lost? since I can not login and nothing was dowloaded?

*Cheers & thank you


There is no way to sign in – if you wanted to add the device to the same Sync chain, you would need to have the Sync code from that device.

If you want to Sync the phone data you have with your laptop data, go to your laptop, go to Settings --> Sync --> I have a Sync code. On your phone, go to Settings --> Sync --> Add another device, select the Code words tab, and enter those words on your laptop.

The two devices will now be Synced.

thank you
when I go to sync
i only see: view sync code / add new device
nothing allows me to add a device with the code
:frowning: please help

What device do you see this on?

Laptop - attached image - no option to add a code :frowning: