Sync bookmarks not working across devices

Just to be clear, I mean things like your components. Not sure if you haven’t noticed news over the past year or so, but all adblock have been going back and forth with YouTube, constantly having to update. We actually have tons of posts about it here, such as below:

I could do more, but just will leave it with those two. Like I said, if you go around Reddit and others you’ll find people on all browsers and all extensions have been having problems on occasion. YouTube changes things and then everyone updates filters. Brave works closely with uBlock and others.

Overall shouldn’t have problems. If ads do show, typically updating components and/or clearing cookies will resolve it. Tends to get fixed within couple hours of any changes made by Google. And if encounter on any other sites, just report and it gets resolved quickly.

Yeah, and like said, just comes down to troubleshooting. I mean, are you having the same issue as I and others did where it hit the limit? If so, going to brave://sync-internals and see if it shows any errors.

Actually, I went to screenshot it but it seems in the more recent updates, it ended up getting resolved. So might be good to know if you have any errors there and if showing synced.

Understood. Guess just wanting to figure out the “why.” Annoyingly enough, in the past it’s because people did not check off Bookmarks on one device but they did on another. When asking for screenshots, would see something like below:

It would be like, “umm, you need to turn on the toggle for bookmarks.”

Or we’d find that they would show screenshots like below, where they only have one device on the sync chain.

So I guess I’ve just learned to ask and never assume. No matter how smart someone is, mistakes get made.

All good. Guess I just wanted to jump on the idea of saying people can help look into issues and try to resolve. I know it showed you as a new account and the first post just was saying things don’t work and you’re leaving. It’s like, ffs…don’t want to give a chance to fix it first? lol

Anyway, sorry for the rambling. If you do want to try to work together to figure out the issue and get it resolved, do let me know. I’ll do what I can or will get people from Brave to directly assist.