Sync based on Brave Account

Please make Brave Browser easier to move from another device. The sync process of this browser is not easy to use for me. Please include account sync so we will just log in to our brave account to sync from across devices and the History, Bookmark and etc. will share across my devices and avoid having no worries from unexpected problems on my PC in case I didn’t save the Sync Code.

For example, Using our secured Brave account in which our Bookmark, settings and etc. are saved. We can browse across different devices without manually save the Browser settings. The Sync will be based in Brave account.

That would mean Brave would need to store and handle the endless user accounts. Thus, following the same Google is actually doing.

One of the Brave browser main features is privacy. Another one is decentralization. Going for a centralized user account based system does not seem very compliant with those approaches.

If that’s not possible, they should allow us to connect our Brave Account to Brave Browser to store Sync chain code within the account so it can be joined automatically in Sync chain. I’m more worries on my saved bookmarks not history.

They should provide 2FA in our Brave account to make it more secure and at their end, they should make it unhackable.

@Carlo1 Go check out Some of your questions answered. Recap of Community Call from 09/20/2022 as they discuss some of the stuff in that.

As to your answer on the request, I’ll just copy/paste it here.

Question #24: We’ve had a lot of requests to have Sync linked to something like our Profile or to have an account, something that’s more permanent. Is this something that we can get?

Answer We’d like to be able to give people the best of both worlds. Of course those 24 words were inspired by the simplicity and intended for self-custody. We had built it from the ground up and wanted it to be more like Web3 tools we’re used to. But we get that it can be confusing and that there are people who want that more traditional profile sync.

We’re looking at things like where you can hook up an email address but behind the scenes it would be more private and strongly secured. There’s a lot of work to be done but hopefully more to come.

Yes unlike traditional sync, where we used Google account to sync my History, Bookmarks etc. In Brave, the sync chain code is connected to our Brave account so it can be applied automatically. But its up to user wether they use the sync word code or login to automatically apply the sync chain code.

Yeah, point is they said they hadn’t done it up to this point on purpose. They are trying to find a happy medium perhaps, but it’s not a top priority. The question before kind of answered the “why” behind things.

We’re trying to actively prevent Users from having their codes stolen or asked for. We’ve had some Users who found codes in documents and were essentially sharing a Sync account. And there have been phishing attacks and things along those lines. It’s designed to prevent that and make sure you’re actively using it at the time.

Overall, they don’t want people using Sync like it’s a form of backup and they want to have as few entry points to data as possible. Linking it to accounts with passwords and any of that would make it easier for people to access information. It’s also a lot more data for Brave to have to store.

We’ll see what they end up doing for the future, but I at least wanted to share that so you can see it’s already been asked and answered.

24 words is a method that countless people like, but because one ten thousandth of the user’s KEY is lost, the whole world has changed. Do I need to change the bank security system because the bank password is lost?Will the banks agree to revamp the banking system? It’s your own fault, not the bank’s. 24 words have security issues, but what should be done is to change it, instead of treating hackers as fools, add a 25th word, don’t hackers know that 25 words will change?