Suddenly can't use Brave browser

OK so I recently updated my laptop and since then, Brave has not been working. I can open the app and I can search, but the moment I go to a website it starts going all wonky and my cursor either disappears or permanently goes to the shape it does when you’re dragging something, meaning I’m unable to click anything. In most cases the website just freezes up. I’m still able to move my mouse just can’t do anything with it, I always have to use F5 to close it. I’ve checked for updates and Brave is in its latest update, I’m really confused and I don’t know what to do. Prior to this my experience with Brave has been amazing and I’d like to continue using it. Please fix this bug if it’s a bug or server issue, or if it’s something on my end respond with some advice for what I can do to fix it. Tysm.

For the record I’m using a Chromebook, it’s kind of old and beat up but like I said, Brave was working just fine until all of a sudden it wasn’t.

Happens on all Websites ?