Still now not receive verified wallet payment

Please @steeven check it…i am not received this month payment…

Key info seed: Valid

Wallet payment ID: 6c52a765-a411-4227-90b3-dd63f0cef7be

Wallet created: 06/08/2021, 10:37:06

Wallet status: Verified

Wallet address: 6b689802-8e48-46d9-95ea-f06fa778c0f6

Custodian: Uphold

Custodian member ID: 20ff8808-cac0-4a12-93df-f0555d37debf

Please reply me…check this matter :pray:

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I hope they fix your problem… Mine as well. Good luck Brave Soul. :slight_smile:

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I have also not received BAT payout!

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No not received till now…hope they pay me soon

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I didnt get my FEB 2022 payout as well… i checked FAQ , followed everything but nothing… my main wasnt paid 2.08 bat if im not mistaken… but my 2nd device got paid…

Wallet info

Key info seed: Valid

Wallet payment ID: 2f520c73-906f-4858-9898-a73e72eb4af1

Wallet created: 10/11/2021, 05:51:38 PM

Wallet History

0929d714-6fb8-4506-a07b-b3e0bc078a33 (10/04/2021)

External wallet info

Wallet status: Verified

Wallet address: 6f69794f-5dcc-4518-994c-1670e659f77b

Custodian: Uphold

Custodian member ID: fe01e619-0829-4921-99c5-7e8c791b83a5

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Same with me. Got paid in one account but other is yet to receive the payment.

Same here , i use brave with 2 accounts and i recieved it from one of them but i still don’t get the rewards from another one . I hope they’ll fix that .

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I have not got my Jan payout


I don’t know why payment is going so late…and brave also stop sending adds … i use brave more then 8 hours but receive only 2 adds…why???
Can anyone explain me this reason??

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I am not received still now please check this

I don’t receive BAT from DECEMBER

I don’t recieve january rewards! Please fix it.

@Akashi12 did you get a reply from the brave support or receive your rewards due to you yet?

No .still now not received this wallet payment

@akashi and all others here, please make sure you’re actually messaging @steeven and @Mattches. Posts/topics won’t do it for you. They need message explaining your situation and then all the info that Akashi provided in original post. It’s just that the information you shared here should never be shared openly for security purposes.

@Saoiray i already messaged steeven … but so far no reply… i will be patiently waiting… this is the first time i have this problem though from the time i started using brave which was about 1.5 years ago

@exit11967 Yeah, hopefully @steeven will get back to you here soon. Keep in mind they don’t usually work the forums on the weekends. Depending on how long ago it’s been, doesn’t just to do a small tag like I just did on this post to see if he can show status. I wouldn’t do it too much, but it kind of lets them go back and check messages in case it somehow got skipped over or something.

I just know they said has been a high volume of requests lately, especially as there was the issues with four different countries no longer being accepted by Gemini/Uphold, including the recent issues with Russia and Ukraine

I already mentioned him that i am not received this wallet payment…this was happened with me and my friend also …we receive 3 wallet payment but last one still pending both of us…
I know there are so many user who used brave and so many people text him that they not received their full amount payment and not received one wallet payment…
So this is not possible for him to handel all of them…
So i recommend you to large your business community who helps us for payment related issues and any other problems…

Most of the people faced that wallet linking limit…i hope they remove this limit in future but please do it as soon as possible…

They are hiring more people. Until then, it’s just a small team doing their best. It’s appreciated that you are being patient and understanding. Hopefully @steeven and @Mattches will be able to help resolve your problems soon.

It is supposed to be part of the next build they release, as long as nothing goes wrong. That means within the next 2 months. We will just have to see if we are fortunate enough that it will be a reality at that time.