My Youtube channel still not verified


Hello, I am running Brave on the MAC OS version 10.13.6. The Brave version is desktop Version 0.60.48. I tried to get my youtube channel verified.

I have done also the verification for uphold account but even after 5 days it shows that my youtube channel is still not verified. could you please help ?
thank you


Hello this ask is obliglated, have videos in your youtube channel? more than two? i think that if your channel is not verified maybe was because one of this parts is not correct. Is my opinion, i hope can help you.

If you have this points and you are an active video publisher (or have some content) you can contact with @Asad and @chriscat

Have a nice day


Hello, thanks for reply. Yes I have more than two videos published on my youtube channel.
have a nice day Julius


ok this is my youtube channel …



ok perfect …I will never see my self verified? :slight_smile: thank you for help


I think the issue is solved. I am verified or at least the others can see ma as verified. I have received already one tip :slight_smile: . The small issue is that I can not see my self as verified publisher. thanks Julius

can you check mine please

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