Still can't claim January rewards - Android unverified

Is it normal that I still can’t claim my January rewards on my Android device (unverified wallet)?

I started using Brave with my Android device on January. Had about 0.6/0.7 BAT estimated earnings, then on Feb 1st a message appeared stating my ~0.5 BAT Rewards would start processing in a few days (Feb 7th).

After updating the app to 1.35 the amount changed to 0.37 or such. I’m not really worried about the amounts because I have read and understood there may be some display issues plus some late rewards not being accounted for due to being rolled over to the Feb period.

On Feb 7th I saw a “Claim” button which I clicked, and only added 0.250 BAT to my wallet. Afer checking rewards-internals it apparently is a “Promotion” I claimed. If I understood correctly, that extra was only for people having issues with the Gemini verification process and also linking wallets to Uphold maybe. I didn’t have any of these issues because my wallet is unverified.

From Feb 7th I have a message saying “Congrats! Your January rewards have arrived”, but I still haven’t seen an option to claim them. Is this normal? I’ve been holding my patience for a few days but wanted to check out if this is usual behavior and if I should be expecting that Claim button to appear any day or moment.

Thank you!

Can any @staff please help?

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