Sponsored images unclear to me

How can someone know you’re been paid for those images that are in your browser background?

Is it paid seperately from Ads or together?


Thanks for reaching out – and good question!
Any BAT earned from viewing sponsored images is included when you receive payment for viewing Ads – they’re lumped in together.

hi @Mattches, i have some doubts about the sponsored images

  • the rewards summary will specify how many bats are from brave ads and how many are from sponsored images?
  • is there a minimum exposure time for the sponsored images to count as viewed? I usually click on a bookmark almost immediately after opening a new tab so the background images barely load, when a sponsored image appears on that circumstances, do i still get paid for that?
  • and last but not least, it’s necessary to click on the link of the sponsored image? (i guess not, but i ask just in case :sweat_smile:)


  1. I believe they will not be separated, although I’ll have to confirm with Rewards team. I’ll reach out and ask.
  2. No min. exposure time.
  3. Nope, not necessary to click on the link :slight_smile:
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