Sponsored Images not rewarded Part 2

This is one more attempt to get an answer that does make sense. Every day I see sponsored images of one advertiser. There can be more different sponsored images of same advertiser but whole day sponsored images of the same advertiser are displayed. Some days sponsored images are rewarded and counted and some days not. On days when they are rewarded and counted, every sponsored image is rewarded and counted. On days when sponsored images are not rewarded and counted, none of them is rewarded nor counted. Here are advertisers whose sponsored images were not rewarded nor counted in approximately one month period: Venmo, Brave Wallet (2 days), Nexo (2 days), PayPal, Cronos (2 days), Near (3 days), Jade Protocol, Upland, Tax bit (2 days), Confidently, Verses (2 days). So there were 18 days without any reward for displayed sponsored images (they were not counted as well), that’s at least every second day in average. In those days when sponsored images were not rewarded nor counted, they were not rewarded nor counted even if they were very first ad that day. Sponsored images of some advertisers were some days rewarded and some days not (for example Brave Wallet), sponsored images of some advertisers were never rewarded as I can remember (in my 4 months experience), for example PayPal, and some were always rewarded as I can remember, but can’t remember the name of those right now :grin: I know I am not the only one who have this problem and I am sure that people from Brave know very well for this problem. I don’t want to be negative about this and I like the whole idea as it is presented, also I understand if Brave doesn’t have huge staff and if it’s not easy for them to manage everything, but some honest communication and info would be helpful and appreciated. So please don’t give me an answer just to say something (like maybe too many sponsored images were displayed and because of that not all of them were rewarded), especially if you are not ready to explain it or if you are not ready to answer additional questions about it. And don’t mark any answer as a solution if you are not ready to explain or answer additional questions. Thanks for any valuable explanation. (Linux Mint 19.1 Tessa)

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