Spoken content does not work in Brave Nightly on my Mac

I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to bring up an issue I’ve encountered with Brave Nightly on my Mac – specifically, the spoken content feature does not seem to be working as expected. I’ve tried a few troubleshooting steps, but the problem persists.

Troubleshooting Steps Taken:

  1. Checked for the latest Brave Nightly version and ensured it’s up to date.
  2. Verified that spoken content permissions are allowed on websites.
  3. Adjusted my Mac’s sound settings and confirmed the speakers are functioning correctly.
  4. Restarted Brave Nightly to see if it’s a temporary issue.
  5. Cleared cache and cookies.
  6. Disabled browser extensions and plugins to check for conflicts.
  7. Tested spoken content on different websites to isolate the problem.
  8. Confirmed macOS is updated to the latest version.
  9. Checked Brave Nightly settings for any audio-related configurations.

Despite these efforts, I’m still experiencing the issue. It’s possible that there might be a compatibility problem specific to Brave Nightly on macOS.

Has anyone else encountered a similar problem or have suggestions for resolving this issue? Your insights and help would be greatly appreciated. If needed, I’m willing to submit a bug report to the Brave development team, but I wanted to check with the community first.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!


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