Speechify (text to speech) app and extension isn't working on brave

Speechify (text to speech) app and extension doesn’t work on brave

Using the latest brave (1.50.125) on an Ubuntu 22.04 machine, and facing an issue with speechify 9.1.0

Despite multiple attempts, the extension doesn’t seem to function properly in Brave, although it works perfectly on Chrome. When I attempt to use it, I press the play button and nothing happens.

I’ve tried everything, updated both brave and the extension, cleared cache, but without success.

Any suggestions on how to resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Does it work in a new profile?

No it doesn’t work on brave at all.

How can I escalate this issue?

Well, to be honest. From past experiences, not sure if brave support will help about extensions.
We can still tag @mattches to help

This extension is working for me on my end without any issues. Was able to install, setup an account and start using the application right away.

Can you please tell me what site(s) you’re attempting to use the extension on so I can test exactly what it is that you’re trying to do on your end?


All of them.
for example:


For comparison, the extension works for all of them with Chrome.

These are working for me as well — I’m going to reach out to the Linux team and see if anyone can reproduce this error on their end. Appreciate your patience.

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It did work fine on macOS with brave so it might be a Linux issue indeed

It is indeed a Linux specific bug — I’ve opened the following issue on it for the developers to review:

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Thank you very much for the assistance

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