Spanish translate its not complete (Reopen)

A related issue is closed,

but the problem persists

Some sentences on the spanish translation of the browser are not correct.

Some examples:
Close Tab -> Cerca (Must be “Cerrar”)
New Tab -> New Tab (Must be “Nueva Pestaña”)
Downloads -> amp;Descargas (Must be “Descargas”)

I will be glad to help you with the translation to spanish, or the review process.


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I have the same issue.
More sentences that aren’t correct:
(in menu window) Send -> amp;Enviar (must be “Enviar”)
(in New Tab, when clicking in an element to remove) Remove -> Remove (must be “Eliminar”).

(I saw in the closed Topic that I must cc: @Mattches on this)

Thank you for reaching out – I’ve informed the team about the translation issue.

Translations are handled in Please submit new translations there so that we can pull in the changes

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