(Solved) Noticed a massive App data size increase

I love brave and have been using it for 2 years. Usually the total app size of used to be arround 600MB (App: 200MB; Data: 300MB, site cookies etc, some 100MB Cache).

But a few hours ago, I saw Total app size to be 1.5GB (Data: 1.1 GB, Cache: 200MB). I have an storage issue. I cleared the cache, deleted the cookies (which were important for me) and also cleared text and picture cache from the app, updated the app, checked the data>com.brave…>cache and even restarted the phone and STILL Size is 1.4GB.

Please help me with this as I have an storage issue and I can’t reinstall the app as there is no way to backup all the important stuffs.

I am using Brave v1.33.106 on a realme C3, android 11.

Edit: This problem was due to Mega Website’s Cache after clearing it from page info > stored data. Everything got fixed

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