[Solved] Brave prompts for closing all tabs on window close, even with "continue from where I left"

Hi, I’m using Brave on a laptop with Ubuntu 22.04.
Since last update to version 1.40.105, closing the browser’s window shows a popup to confirm “Close All Tabs”, even though in the settings “continue from where I left” is selected.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. open several tabs
  2. click the X on the the right upper corner
  3. a popup which asks for confirmation to close all tabs is shown

Expected result:
Open tabs should not be closed, as they shall be restored on next session

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Additional Information:
The issue does not occur if Brave is closed by selecting the Exit menu rather than clicking the X icon on the right upper corner

Check the box “Don’t show this again” in the prompt dialogue and it will not be shown :slight_smile:

Open tabs will still be there when you reopen the browser

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Thanks, I still have to click “Close All” to dismiss the popup, even if I select that checkbox.
Doesn’t that mean the tabs will be actually closed? If it doesn’t, then the popup message is quite misleading.

Ok, so the tabs closed are 100% certainly reopened? I have quite a few I leve open, and it would be excessively annoying (Happened once or twice long ago with Firefox) to try to reopen all of them without missing some.

Yes, they are :slight_smile:

I close browser every night and always reopen with recent tabs in there.

Ok, after last package upgrade I confirm the tabs are restored when the browser is opened again.
Many thanks!

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