SMS 2FA fill-in similar to Safari

Would love to see the auto-fill for SMS 2FA be implemented similar to how Safari currently does.

See image for example

Is the photo from safari?

I think both safari and imessage are apple products. So they have tightly integrated both of them together. That is why such stuff can be done.

Does google chrome on iOS do some similar stuff. If it does not, then I think it is not possible for other browsers to do this.

You can try authenticator apps like Raivo TOTP (it is different than SMS based authentication) and see if they have auto-fill function for different browsers.

Correct, the photo is from Safari.

I haven’t tried it on Google Chrome for iOS, yet. Don’t want that garbage on my phone, LOL.

I’ll take a look at Raivo, thank you.

Yes please! How does this not have more votes? Is there another feature request thread with more votes?

^ I think the OP needs to rename the subject and tags to include more keywords as I couldnt even find this thread in Brave’s search, came up in Google.
eg: macos, OTP