Browser Download from Official Site Blocked Flashes Trojan Wacatac (Update: Spoof Mirror Site)

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  1. Win10 x64 zip download , windows security blocks installation due to wacatac trojan found.
    2.Scan of machine shows no virus/trojans etc etc etc

Screenshot as below of result.

Expected result:

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Additional Information:

Where did you try downloading this from?

What is the exact download URL shown in the browser you used to download it?

Note the filename, “BraveBrowserSetup”. Brave is way beyond 1.2 now, so I don’t know if you intended to download 1.2, but if not then you were subverted somehow – perhaps by ending up at a fake site, or perhaps by your computer already being compromised by something else.

Hi JimB1

Hope you are well and thanks for your kind reply.

Seems I must have been half asleep and clicked on a spoof brave download website, I tried to find the culprit to make others aware and no luck.

Thanks again for your kind assistance.


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Have found the offending spoof website, mirrors exactly the correct one.

brave brws .com (popped a few spaces to guard against clicks.)

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woah, so some threat actors are targeting brave users and soon to be users.
Thanks for the awareness.

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This is the official Brave page

To install the latest Brave, First download the setup.exe file (1.15 MB), open the setup file then install Brave Online. There is no offline install files for Brave, to my knowledge.

Thanks for this!,

Managed to get it all up and running earlier once I realized the snafu.

Amazing thing is that the scam link was a higher rank than the genuine yesterday.
The website they use is an exact…and I mean exact copy with just the d/l links pointing elsewhere.

Thanks again!

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FWIW you can get ‘Standalone’ Setup packages from the official Brave GitHub site.

Good stuff in this thread, thanks all.


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