Sir I have three problems with your browser

I installed your browser a few days ago. the first problem I have is right after its opened it drops down to the tray and I have to reopen it. the second problem is with my names on signing in on game sites. I thought I thought I set it so it wouldn’t be kept and I would have to type it in but when I signing it shows up which I don’t like it being so available. third problem is with flash player. on when I try to play a game called 5 card slingo I have to go to the address bar and allow the flash player permission but when I do it on the right side of the bar I get a message that the flash player has been blocked. so how do I correct this problem if the one cancels out the other. :frowning_face::frowning_face::frowning_face: thank you for your time and hopefully help.

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I’d be happy to help you with your issues. First, can you please edit your post (you may also create a new one) to reflect the Posting Guidelines and fill out the Template that appears when you open our editor.

Fill out the full template for at least one of the issues you’re having, and for the rest, provide at least the description and STR (if applicable) for the others.
Thank you!

Sorry if I did it wrong just trying to save time with the problems… But the one about the browser opening then dropping down to the tray. Here are two screen shots for it The first one is just after its open the second one is about two minutes after its open where I have to bring it back open. If you look at the bottom of the second one the icon next to the paint I hope this will help. lee


Can you try uploading those images again? Looks like they didn’t make it into the post (or wherever they are hosted isn’t allowing access). Here on the forum, you can simply copy/paste any image directly into the editor.

yes I’ll try but I don’t see how I’m suppose to do it. there’s nothing about images the only thing I see is upload and I have no idea how to do it

I’ll have to retake a screen shot next time I open the browser. this group of pictures are the ones bout the flash problem where one side is canceling it out after getting permission.You can see flash was allowed the other where its blocked I hope you get these ok. lee



Unfortunately this is what I see on my end

Open the image you want to insert and:

  • Drag the image directly into the editor you’re replying in


  • Right-click the image, select copy image, right-click -->paste (or ctrl+v) in the editor


  • Click this button on top of the editor image and select the image from a locting savedny our computer

[browser.jpg][browser 2.jpg]

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