Since verifying Gemini wallet I have lost all my BAT and now no longer getting ADs for past couple months either

I verified my Gemini wallet a couple of months ago and lost all my BAT and haven’t been getting any ADs since then either.

same gemini users are not recieving the bat tokens or ads you are not alone. pretty bothered by it.

Same problem here. I setup Gemini in Sep, and on 1st of Oct my BATs got transferred to the wallet. Since then I have zero BATs (or ads). I followed all the solutions I can find here or on Reddit, but none have worked.

You guys should send a DM to the mods on here to confirm your account hasn’t been restricted. That can occur for various reasons, but they can fix it so you’ll start seeing ads again.

From there, you’ll probably have to wait for the next payout period for your BAT to be distributed. I’ve been waiting a few months for mine after it was supposedly corrected back in November.

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bro i have also not received my reward and i dm to one of mods he is telling that you are flagged because I use vpn but i never use vpn

i think that they are not giving me cause i have 152bat pending and that’s why they are saying your acc is flagged

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