Since upgrading to microsoft 11 some of my programs will not load

Since upgrading to Microsoft 11 two of my programs will not load properly. One is a game the other is an airline loyalty program.

  1. The game is called Vegas world. I attempt to use it every day put either it stops loading or freezes and will not let me move forward. Occasionally I do get in, but it freezes constantly. The game loads with know problem when I use edge. Vegas world has begun sending me pop-up notices that allow me to click and be sent to edge to use Vegas World. I have brought this to the help desk and Vegas World and they have not responded.
  2. I am a member Spirit Airline loyalty and am unable to to login using Brave.
  3. I am a member of VIA Loyalty (Canadian Rail Company) and am not able to use it either. I actually get an error message when I use it and VIA has told me that the error message is related to my browser.

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Brave Version( check About Brave):

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Hello @Jimobr, thank you for reaching us out. Have you updated the browser to the latest version? Have you tried deleting cookies and cache recently? Do you use extensions? Does the same happen in a private window?

Can you try disabling the following? Settings --> System --> Hardware Acceleration in case the issue persists after that can you please share a screenshot with the specific issue your are experiencing so we can further investigate this. Thanks in advance.

Thank you. I disabled Hardware Acceleration and I was able to load my game. I will check my loyalty programs. Thanks again

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