Brave's Default setting for the 'Reader Mode in CCT' chrome://flags option should be Disabled

‘Reader Mode’ and ‘Simplified View’ are used interchangeably in this post because as far as I can tell, they’re the same thing.

Brave’s Default setting for the ‘Reader Mode in CCT’ (Open Reader Mode in Chrome Custom Tabs) option in chrome://flags is currently ‘Enabled.’ The Default setting should be Disabled.

Even with Custom Tabs turned off in the regular Settings, opening a page in Simplified View still switches to a custom tab. This means that the tab cannot be switched without the Custom Tab closing, and also forces links opened in new tabs to open in the foreground (closing the custom tab)

This is inconvenient because it makes it impossible to open new links or temporarily switch to another tab without losing your place in the “Simplified” (Reader View) Custom tab.

Setting ‘Reader Mode in CCT’ to Disabled from chrome://flags makes the simplified tabs act like normal ones. This should be the default setting for Simplified View.



The new link’s tab opens the moment it’s tapped, closing the custom tab it was opened from with no way to revive it.


The new link opens in the background and temporarily switching to it then back to the simplified tab it was opened from doesn’t exit the simplified view or lose your place in the article.

There’s no benefit to opening Simplified View in a Custom Tab that I can think of.

The choice is clear.

Device: Samsung Galaxy note 8 n950u running android 9

Brave version 1.0.91

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