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This is a repeat post hopefully someone. an help me? I am having this problem since the update to Chromium 121 the other week and the other updates since. I this applies to both my iMac (running Ventura) and my Macbook (running Sonoma). When I am watching a video full screen my Sidebar Icons bleed thru the video They are not functioning but are visible! This only happens when I have them on the left side not the right (when on right everything is good). I have a screen shot for what I mean.

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Encountering the same issue on windows 10. Also, when I put in ‘on mouseover’ mode - a blank screen of the entire popout is displayed on hover which I then have to manually collapse to make it go away.

I am also able to reproduce this problem in Brave Beta v 1.64.74 build. While watching a video in full screen, some random icons from sidebar are visible in the player.
I was using The simple fix for this problem is installing a PWA(Progressive Web App) for that website. It solved my problem completely.
You can install PWA for a website (if available) by clicking on the download-like button in the URL bar at the right side.

Same sh** here too :frowning:

Also if you move the sidebar to the right the problem will disappear also it effects all video viewed in full screen not just YouTube.

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