Show pop-up with clipboard and recent downloads when uploading files

Brave is a good browser, but what browsers really need right now are quality-of-life features to make it stand out.
One such feature that I think would be super useful is the “Show pop-up with clipboard and recent downloads when uploading files” feature,
which is available in Opera and Slimjet, as well as through an extension in Firefox.

a pop-up window that appears on a website after clicking an upload button. The pop-up provides the user with the option to upload files either from the clipboard or from recently accessed files, including thumbnail previews. The user can also choose to use the normal file explorer upload page.

This feature can save you a lot of time and effort when selecting files or uploading images from your clipboard. It enables lightning-fast file selection and eliminates the need to save clipboard items and search for files in the explorer. This underrated feature is a game changer that you won’t want to go without after using.

sorry, I didnt intend to diminish the accomplishments of the team!

I am impressed with the browser and invested in its future and I value the hard work that went into creating it.

i almost switch it from opera but i really think that is their best feature

You can use Copy-n-Paste extension. It’s not built-in, but it does the job fine for me