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Hi, I would very much appreciate if you would consider adding a feature that when you click on the area to paste items, it will display a window that will show the last copied items and the last downloaded files.

This will greatly speed up the work, as it will prevent the laborious search for files using the standard windows window. I have been using this for some time in another browser and it really is a must have. Once you start using it you won’t walk away from it.

Such a smaller fucnction which would also be nice to see in brave:

Converting foreign currency to our currency when you select it.

Picture in picture originally in the browser instead of plugins.


Dark mode.

Translated with DeepL

Not part of a browser but you may like this little app.

That’s not what I mean. The windows clipboard is enough for me, if that’s what you mean.

I don’t know if I defined my thought correctly, what I meant is that when you go to google graphics and want to search for something using a photo, when you click on that camera it doesn’t display the standard windows window to search for a file, but a window from brave pops up, which will contain the most recently copied and downloaded items.

Look at easyfiles from the browser with the red round logo :slight_smile: