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Hey there, Sobhan here, I have been having this problem from some days that I am seeing no ads.

I understand that ads are a may be seen thing and not will be seen one.

Sometime I get ads but very few but other times I don’t get to see ads, just to see if I get some ads I toggle the ads option, if I get lucky I may get a few ads but then no more, it is done for the day, I even checked the Brave ads campaign thingy, and I checked there is 19 active ads campaigns in my country (India) as of now.

I’m running Brave on my PC too but I’m not facing similar problem with Brave PC. Earlier I used to get somewhat 7-10 ads a day in Brave android, not now.

I don’t specifically know what is causing this problem but, if I don’t toggle the option, I might even go without seeing ads one day.

  • My android is currently running on Brave 1.8112, Chromium 81.0.40444.138, it is up to date.
  • Yup, the ads and the Rewards are on right now and I didn’t play toggle-toggle with ads section today.
  • Yeah, the notifications for Brave ads and Any Brave notification is set to the highest priority.
  • ALSO, the Show Ads when Brave is not in use in the Settings>Advance>Brave Rewards is on.

I love Brave Browser and I know y’all will fix this problem.

I believe you answered your own question in one of your first statements:

:point_up: this is very likely the case. If you’re seeing ads sometimes, and others you’re not, it doesn’t necessarily mean that anything is wrong. I myself will go days without seeing ads sometimes on a specific build of the browser. Is there anything else that’s leading you to believe that this is an actual error?

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Nope, just this, well as u read in my post that on my PC Brave I get considerably more ads than before, on the other hand my android Brave isn’t showing ads unless I disable ads and rewards then restart Brave and then enable it again.

Thanks man, if u say that:

is the thing and nothing else, it’d probably be so.

BTW Brave Support team is getting real fast nowadays. Y’all are making my favorite browser better. :+1: :+1: :+1:

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