Shouldn't SpeedReader clear up the page more if it's active?

SpeedReader off:

SpeedReader on:

Can you confirm that the rest of the page (not shown in the images you shared) also appears the same w/Speedreader on/off?

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I checked and it looks the same.

So on my end, Speedreader does appear to clean up the page quite a bit (page is zoomed out to show more content):


After Speedreader:

I’m wondering if there is a particular extension you have installed that may be conflicting with the Speedreader functionality?

Can you also please tell me what version of the browser you’re using currently, as well as which OS?

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Windows 10
Brave v. 1.27.109
Extensions: uBlock Origin, McAfee WebAdvisor, and ClearURLs.

Can you please try disabling your extensions, then test again to see if speedreader functions as expected?

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