Shazam and other similar extensions not working on brave

I’ve tried a lot of extensions to identify songs on brave and none of them seem to work. Most of them just do nothing, but a few give errors, and its always the same one which is that brave doesn’t allow it to record audio. I looked in setting and couldn’t find anything on extensions not being able to record audio. Am I just missing something?

Thank you for your time.

I’m not sure the issue, I couldn’t get Shazam to work in Chrome either. Checked the mic levels and checked the correct mic brave://settings/content/microphone was selected


  1. Download extension from links below
  2. Make sure microphone is enabled here brave://settings/content/microphone (This is needed only if recording external sound, Shazam and Aha dont need it to be enabled) and test it here
  3. A screenshot of the error is welcome.



For recorded music, upload file here (AHA):

Just redowloaded the two of them and they both worked fine for about 10 minutes, then they both just stopped working again. As i said, shazam doesnt show a bug it just says it cant find a song, but AHA gives me this


I also have this problem; I think this is due to how Aha works as it only needs around 20 -30 seconds to recognize the song. Also one should not leave the music page while the extension is working.
Note: This extension does not work with microphone.

Ah right, I assumed Shazam extension was listening to the mic. Works for me. Even unmutes the tab

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