Sharing goGGles

Sharing Brave goGGles searches doesn’t work for the end user. Unless I’m doing it wrong, copying/paste a search string whilst using specific goGGles then sending the link embedded in an email doesn’t allow the recipient to view the customized, curated goGGles search without the end user having to “follow” that specific goGGles. Is there a way to code a link to a goGGles curated search that does not require “following”?
BTW… Branding the product as goGGles is a no brainer. How did you miss that? - Anu

Good point if it as you say. I will have to double check on my side.

The word ‘goggles’ is meant as trollish way to diss google.
Some users I have seen like the word ‘goggles’ while some didn’t.
The ratio is something like 85 to 15. 85% users liked the word goggles (anecdotal).