Just a translation problem in French you wrote "Googles" instead of "Goggles"

On this page: https://brave.com/fr/search/
The last title has a translation mistake, it’s written “Googles” instead of “Goggles”

Qu’est-ce que Googles et comment cette fonctionnalité aidera-t-elle à limiter la censure des recherches ?

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Translation (thanks to deepl.com):

“What is Googles and how will this feature help limit search censorship”

The English version of the website has:

“What are Goggles, and how will they help limit search censorship?”

Note that Brave’s “Goggles” is not Google’s Goggles that were an image recognition app.

From the Brave website:

Goggles are an in-the-works feature, coming soon to Brave Search.

In short, Goggles will enable anyone, or any community of people, to create sets of rules and filters to constrain the searchable space and / or alter the ordering of results.

Anyone could then choose to apply a Goggle—or extend it—to their view of Brave Search results. Essentially, Goggles will act as a re-ranking option on top of the Brave Search index.

This means that, instead of a single ranking, Brave Search can offer an almost limitless number of ranking options. This would allow Brave Search to overcome the biases that search engines inherently embed in their results.