Sharing Brave to the masses

I don’t see an easy way to share the concept of Brave with friends and family. Is this for geeks only or is the idea to be rolled out to the masses. The current interface is a bit tech geek with no kerb appeal to the layman.

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Don’t have to be a geek to enjoy privacy and security or need to know what’s under the hood, you get paid to drive it’s a simple concept, what do you find complex with the ui?

We have Help Center full of documentation that lays out how everything works that anyone should be able to follow.

We also have a YouTube channel with short video bits on different browser features/advantages:

We also have a playlist of “How Tos” here:

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I want an easy way to link it to family and friends… without just copying the link and giving them my explanation.
How else will it get to the masses? Clearly not through you.

So you suggest I send full documentation to my Dad to persuade him to download your software? You are kidding yourselves.

Do you have a really simple “invite freinds” link?

Just explain to him it’s way faster than netscape

simple sales from the owner would get him on board… maybe a basic link on the website. He wont listen to people like me. That’s my point. A trick is being missed.

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I don’t understand what you’re asking for here exactly. I’m sure that watching any of the links in the I sent you would help him. They are intended to be short an easily accessible. Maybe start with the literal introduction to Brave (1:30 long):

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