Shaking in WordPress Post Editor



So this recently started happening. I thought it was because we added 2 new plugins, but even when they were shut off it was still happening, so it must have been after your most recent update.

Anyway, in both draft & published posts, this is what’s happening.

Very annoying. It’s a good thing I don’t have epilepsy. LOL

Tested on Chrome & Fx, & all is fine.!J8tSCQrZ!C9agN40Y-SiYYwHExGtHJs3ccBDx49e-_tP75vbrwkI


It looks like the categories and other boxes on the right hand column are trying to size themselves properly according to the dimensions of the screen/viewport. Do you get this movement with those boxes regardless of where you’re scrolled to on the page and/or how large the browser window is?

Ok, we’ve narrowed it down to only posts are very long.

It appears to be only when you scroll down to teh bottom when the middle column (content) is longer than the right column.

When I slowly scroll up it continues to shake (just less), but then at some point it stops shaking altogether.

For short posts or posts with just an image, this doesn’t happen.

Does that help?


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In our other thread I recommend trying to disable Fingerprinting protection in Shields – the site may be trying to detect your viewport dimensions in order to properly scroll and position that box on the right along with the page but is unable to accurately do so with FPP enabled.

Ok, I remember now, I already lowered the shields for this Brave profile b/c I work on my sites on that profile & am not able to see my own banners, so the fingerprinting isn’t on anyway since everything is off.


Can you actually ensure that Shields = up but FPP is turned off? I know it seems counterintuitive but if you wouldn’t mind humoring me :slight_smile:

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