Settings Sync or Download

I would like to be able to download all my configuration settings and sync to multiple devices; I do not want to have to select my individual settings on 5-10 different computers. This should include syncing security settings and “safe websites”.

Have you already tried this ?

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Yes, but syncing does not sync security settings, new tab settings, etc, etc…

I don’t know what it doesn’t sync, but here is what it does sync (settings included)

It does not sync security settings like blocking all scripts for example.

chrome does that ?..just curious

Chrome does not have security features like Brave; it is sold on “security features”. I have too many PCs to manually set up settings on each PC.

yes I agree @AZTony . It should sync ALL the settings.

It should also Syncing downloads to not be useless.
Manually copy pasting downloads every time is not a solution for anything.

Simply create a icloud app folder for Brave that can store Brave downloads.
Then its easy to autosync that folder to my primary download folder whch is a central folder where all browser downloads are pointed too.
This is main reason why brave is not a replacement for any other browser out there. This simply should work.