Sending BAT to another Wallet

When can the Brave community expect to be able to send BAT from the browser to another wallet? I understand the point of BAT being on the browser, but I feel the community should have the option to send BAT to whomever / where ever they would like.

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Hello @MetaMorphStudios,

The feature has already been requested and should be implemented in the near future.

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@iznai Thank you for the reply

You are most welcome.

May I ask for a clarification? Is the implementation going to be to send BAT from the Uphold wallet to another wallet - or will we be able to specify the wallet that we want our BAT deposited to in the first place? I would prefer to be able to give a BAT address with my preferred exchange/wallet vs Uphold. This would make tax preparation and tracking much simpler - plus making it easy to have multiple Brave installations collecting BAT into a single wallet.